Public Service Announcement to Students Seeking GTA/GRA Positions

Avoid the mass "Dear Professor" emails like the plague! Not only do they reflect poorly on you, but they also go against a university's responsible use of computing policy (they're technically spam). If you can't spare the time to research and personalize your inquiries, your chances of getting a response drop significantly. Worse yet, word travels fast among faculty, and if we compare notes on receiving identical emails, your future communications might end up in the discard pile.

Now, if you're committed to personalization, do it right! A generic “I'm interested in your work, especially your approach to 'XXX'” won't cut it. Instead, take the time to show genuine interest! For instance, mention a specific aspect of my research, showing that you have actually read one of my papers. And if you claim that my research aligns with your interests, motivate your statement.

Remember, quality over quantity will always be the winning strategy. Stand out from the crowd by showing that you've done your homework. Your future opportunities might just depend on it!